Daily Archives: May 28, 2015

When I Look At You I See


rhythm, mobile and fluid.

a human of no race, color, creed, sex, gender, class, ability, age.

a human void of humanity.

a luminous ball of possibility.  

kindness and limitless potential.  

untapped resources.  



symbol of right and wrong.

this century’s shame.  

this country’s bane.

my worst nightmare.

how I got over.

things falling apart.

a beloved.

an extraordinary rendition.


great ideas.

a savior.

a rescue mission.

baby, baby, baby.

a face. 

a dark expression.




an hibiscus.

a daisy, daisy…

a fruit.

a runner coming up from behind.

a siren.

a bullet.

a problem.

a shackle.

a germ blanket.

a rope.

a burned tree.

a lack of breath.

a surfeit of flooding.

a poverty of casinos.

a murder of Crows.

a paso doble interrupted.

an interpretation.

a huge misunderstanding.

a question.

a blame, excuse, rationalization.

an invisibility.

a myth.

a Minotaur.

a myth.

a Vampire.

a myth.

a Unicorn.

a colorblind mythology.

a lie.

a mirror.

a broken mirror.

a mirror with a news clipping tucked in the frame.

a mirror with a long snaggled tear in its silver backing.

a liar

in a mirror

in a void

filling in a blank.