Daily Archives: May 18, 2015

Gravedancers’ Ball

Originally posted 2/26/2011.

we all
have a deep longing
to dance on someone’s grave

we all love to sin
that light fantastic
we can’t seem to sit still

red or blue
left or right
we love that happy dance

how soft and yielding
that refilled ground
how haughty our heels upon it

how good it feels to be swinging
above those
who can no longer do a thing to us

every bastard one of us
longing to abandon the better self and dance
spinning in delight for a moment anyway

dancing to the beautiful American word
stomping a toe dance of righteousness

everyone’s tapping their feet
some on top now
some waiting their turn at the top

forgetting that
it makes no difference to the dead 
which graves we choose to tarantelle upon