Daily Archives: May 14, 2015

Fence Post Sorrow

You call, thinking
you’d heard nothing
for so long,

you must have done
something wrong and
the fence must need mending.

When you learn that they died
a while back, long before
you had noticed their absence,

you think about how a fence post
leaves a hole when it’s gone,
an absence that never quite fills,

a depression
you notice
without noticing.

How To Be An All-American Adult

pinch enough
of your boss’s stash
to set yourself up as 
someone’s boss just so you

can guard against
a similar pinch
off your own meager hoard
while lying sweat-heavy in bed

worrying about
thieves like you.
you are that well-owned.
you have imprinted

strongly upon
the wings and claws
of those birds of prey
who tear you up only

to fan your open wounds
with their dirty feathers.
it feels like they care enough
to soothe the pain they caused.

it feels like rogue parenting.
a warm snuggly
smallpox blanket.
a red white and blue 

cartoon hero’s cape
stuffed into your mouth and nose
until you can’t breathe
from under all that love.

you’d better find someone
and do it to them quick because
the only way to get ahead here
is to step on one.