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Dreaming Of Powerball

Originally posted 5/14/2008.

I dreamed of winning Powerball.
Overnight a heap
of one hundred and seventeen million dollars
stuffed itself into my head
and wedged itself there,
trapped by the nose of an Aston Martin
left running in my ear canal.

I woke up inside the fantasy
of imminent wealth.
I cleared out a room in there
in which to squirrel away 
these cares about how to pay my bills
and how to cook simple dinners.
I can no longer be bothered
with such things.

There are smart folks
who call the lottery
“a tax on the poor.” Bull.
I don’t feel poor 
as much as exiled. When I play
I’m just taking my shot
at winning my way home — 

like now, for instance;  though I’ve only got
five dollars to my name till Friday
that mocking bill is burning a hole
in my ratty pocket
so I am off to buy The Ticket — 
that Aston Martin dream
is a roaring in my head
that won’t quit.