Daily Archives: October 9, 2014

Language I Don’t Speak

Originally posted 10/25/2013.

I don’t.

A word was here and then

Negative space?
Nothing there?
Not exactly, no.

A revelation through absence?
the figure
has no ground
so I don’t
ground, here.

No one here gets
how much swamp of


there is.

Must figure
it, figure out how I
may say whether 

there is 
to be found. See

I was fluent
an hour ago up until
those eyes, that 

I build a yes.
Make one from scratch.  Teach
my tongue what flash
means, what shared yes
is, how to thrill together with

what we put,
what we
what we set to flight.

How to mean what’s
in our mouths,

how to
pass it between.

God In The Ginger Ale

Originally posted 10/19/2013.

Sitting sick
with the ritual ginger ale
of sickness,
I consider offering God
a prayer for my own health.

Then I recall that
God is everywhere,
even in this ginger ale,
so instead of praying
I suck some down
and trust I will be healed.

Damn, but this is good ginger ale!

I wonder: if a sick atheist
were to drink this ginger ale
without believing in 
or noticing the portion of God 
concealed among 
the bubbles,
would there be healing? 

If  there were to be healing,
would it be enough proof of God
to sway the atheist?
Would God do it for the atheist
anyway, or would an apocalypse follow 
such unthinking consumption? 

The atheist would say 
nothing will end
as there is no God 
to manifest 
in ginger ale
no matter how good
the ginger ale might be.

I can’t imagine The God Of Ginger Ale
being so vindictive over such disbelief
that the world would end; maybe 
the atheist’s nose
would sting a bit more sharply
from the Holy Bubbles,
maybe they wouldn’t get well as quickly
as they might have.

I’m taking no chances
as to right or wrong,
world ending or continuing,
God or no God.  I suck down
a little more
of this inspired ginger ale,
this Titian altar-piece of Ginger Ale,
this Great Serpent Mound of Ginger Ale,
this Angkor Wat of Ginger Ale — 

whether God exists or not,
glory surely does.
This is glory in a glass.
I feel better already.