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Relationship Advice

Originally posted 7/7/2011.

He flows. She
flows. You just know
that together, they
flow. Not that

whenever ripples
from drowned rocks
shock their surfaces,
their faces
don’t show it.  
Not that, no.
But whenever they feel them
they still flow. Those slow them
only a little.

What’s downstream?
That question is their driver, 
the dream they work for, taking
the breaks of current
and banks in stride,
watching the river go
from narrow-swift to

Nights under silver-lit moonshine.
Days baking bright and dry.
Some days the river’s so low
it’s nearly out of view —
no matter. They flow.
He flows with her 
and she flows with him.

If you see them, 
follow as long as you can —
here is how it’s done,
here is how slow and present
cleans and carves through
trouble and pain — here’s how
to flow along coupled,
joined in progress, aimed
with no effort at the end
where the flow joins the ocean
and softly disappears into
the encircling All.