Daily Archives: October 10, 2014


Originally posted back in July of 2011.  I lost the exact date in the revision process; was trying a new method of posting and it wiped out the original post.  Originally titled “The 112th Congress.”

We all know where this is going
Contentious volleys
The tensing of sword hands
Bloodied noses covered by
swing and miss journalism

What do they want to sell us
between the stage shows
and the sham of battle
We know they’ve sold us out
but we don’t mind
as long as we get ours

We’re watching the news
and shaking our heads at them
We know marketing when we see it
It’s nothing we care for
but it’s better than no country at all

Speaker gavels the chamber to order
This is gonna be good
They’re gonna read sacred texts
Unicorns are gonna appear
They love to sell unicorns
and jabberwocks a-burbling near nonsense
Anything mythic, really

and we sure do love to shop