Daily Archives: August 4, 2014

Coming Down The Stairs

Originally posted 1/29/2013.

Coming down the stairs
to my sweet revolutionary friends’
upturned faces and bubbling voices
as they rise to the morning.

I love and hate them all at once
as I stumble into their cloud of hope
from my dreadful sleep.

I want to demand of the Powers That Be
that they turn from their affairs to see
those smiles pregnant with new holidays,
the street fairs waiting to break out when they sing.

Every movement of every arm
and every hair
is a banner

for a yet-unfounded nation,
a nation 
for the living, the joyful,
the loyal opposition;

once a virtue,
has no place
here today.

Coming down the stairs
I see smiles, I hear laughter,
I can feel the walls shake.

Their song and breath and wonder
draw me into
a world they are making new.
Give them a short track to the Powers That Be:

they will open up every door
that hasn’t been opened
in far too long.