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Sondra’s bubble burst slowly,
taking its time to tear open
and pour out all its air.

The exact moment
when it began is still unclear.

Her mother was sure
the first prick of the pin
came with the first puff
of a joint, at fifteen;
her sister thought
it was that man in college
who slept over for two weeks straight
and then never called again;
teachers remarked on
unfulfilled ambition;
bosses and
various coworkers
from each of her series of jobs
spoke of struggles to be
remotely employable.

Her father had his own ideas
as to what might have caused it
but moved across the country
to keep them
from coming out;

but it was Crazy Jim, who met her
in Spottswood Home
years after, when she was flattened
and shapeless, who may have said it best:

she was like a Frisbee
someone tossed
that got stuck on a roof.

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Torn Moment

You replace the phone
on its cradle.

In one suddenly torn second —
an instant
pulled open violently —
the filling has fallen out
and accustomed comfort
has gone flat, crumpled
like a bag on the floor.

Shut down.
It’s all right to sob
and wish for things
to be different.
Pull together
a pile of soft blankets
and sleep.
It’s all you can do
until morning —

that, and shut off the phone.
No need for another ripping blow

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New book and book release reading

If you’re in the Worcester MA area tonight, March 7, I’ll be reading from my new chapbook of poems, “About A Boy,” and pieces from other books as well, at the Poet’s Asylum, held every Sunday night from 6-9 PM at Jumpin’ Juice and Java, 330 Chandler Street in Worcester. 

I’ll have the book available for sale and look forward to seeing you there.


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