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It’s past time
for the fade
to begin:

watch us
pretending the lines are stark
and obvious still, that answers
and decisions are clear
and unambiguous.  We can’t
live as we have, we can’t even be
as simple as we’d like to claim:
black, white, left, right,
right, wrong…simple boxes
that won’t hold our outcroppings
and amorphous truths.

Truth is they never did well
by us, forced us to compress
and cut and try to stuff ourselves
into plain cubes,
but we did what we could
and denied our ornery natures
so we could fit;
now that the boxes themselves
are shown to be fragile and breakable
we’re at a loss to explain

If there are no
boxes that fit us, how will we
get along in such a demanding world?

The answer is that we will fade,
let our deceitful edges
disappear into the general,
let ourselves get lost in the Big
and accept that unique
and easily definable shape is a myth
made for containment.

But we’re not ready
just yet, and we’ll remain solid
and square looking for our square holes
while everything around us gets rounder
and larger and nothing stays in one place
for long.

We long for days
that never existed
except by agreement,
and now that the agreement’s broken,
we have to learn to fade,
become obvious ghosts
who will not refuse
to acknowledge the freedom
of the death of category,
even as we deny
the new joy available to us:

the tingle of pleasure
as we pass
through all those walls…

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The Hatred

the hatred felt
by those of a certain ilk
is understandable
if you step back
and think of a world
where everything was promised
to all of a certain ilk
and some had it delivered
while others kept chasing it
but all believed in it

the hatred felt
by those of a certain ilk
is understandable
when you step back and see
that what they were promised
were stolen goods
and they never knew that or
chose to ignore it
so when those who were robbed
finally got a chance to point out
what was taken
it is understandable that those
in unlawful possession
might be pissed

the hatred felt
by those of a certain ilk
is understandable
if you step back
and see how that anger
is misdirected by the original thieves
away from themselves
and toward those now demanding
some consideration for their losses

those of a certain ilk
hate for a cause
written on gauze
a bandage over the thin skin
of deep wounds
whose source they will not imagine
because of the horror
they will be forced to own
if they do

the hatred felt
by those of a certain ilk
is understandable
even pitiable
forgivable to a nearby point
but not excusable
when it is maintained
by willful ignorance
and a stubborn love
of apparently useful

if you want to hate
the haters
be sure of them
before you begin
for if you see only
the front
you will miss
those of a certain ilk
standing behind them
smiling at you
all knowing
and certain of the power
that derives
from hate

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