Daily Archives: May 8, 2022


He put his worry on the table
where he could watch it steam
and bubble. It made a rat sound
while he watched: almost a coherent
word at first, but the more he listened
the less he understood. Worry’s not
for understanding, but for feeling.
You don’t have to understand a thing
to know what worry is. It just is.
It sits there being. An essence that needs
no adjective, no modifier. He walked away
from the table but the voice of worry
and its slow heat is not going away,
no matter what. 

A glimpse into process…

Sunday mornings for me are for Poetry Administration Work.

I transfer work posted on the blog during the week before to my “chronological collections” word processing files, which run for six months at a time (so right now I’m completing a file from 1-1-2022 which will be closed on 6-30-2022; I’ll start a new one on 7-1-2022 which will run till year’s end, etc.) and do any editing that occurs to me in the moment as I’m moving them — line breaks, etc, or sometimes more extensive stuff.

The active file is 162 pages long right now.

If I have a reading coming up in the next week, I start pulling that together as well, going through older files as well as recent ones to build a set. Ditto with eBooks I’m pulling together for my Patreon subscribers.

Work on the full length manuscript goes on throughout the week, as does the generation of new Work. I’m generally up before 6 each day to do that stuff, and will work on that for a few hours before transitioning to my “day job” of training design and delivery and hustling for new clients.

Driving back and forth to and doing family stuff in Uxbridge as needed, guitar practice and recording, and just “being here” in general round out my days.

You wonder why I push the Patreon site as much as I do. I work hard for not enough money.

Here I am, doing it again in fact. 

My Patreon site…