Daily Archives: November 25, 2019

Rope, Knot, God, Ground

When you get to
the end of your rope,
tie a knot and hold on. 

By which is meant,
you’ve got to let it go
if you are going to tie it.

Which means of course
you’ve got to let go
and let God.

Which means
you have to have faith that the same God
who created and established gravity 

will suspend it just for you 
this one time just so you can tie that knot
and hold on.

Which means
that if it really pleased God,

you could just float there 

without needing the rope 
or the knot
in the first place.

That God must want you
to die of absurdity, must be
a capricious entity;

you are
a joke
to them.

Why don’t you just let go, 
forego the knot,
see what happens?

Maybe there’s a God,
maybe there’s no God.

Maybe you’ll float

or maybe you’ll fall;
maybe the ground’s
not far at all.

Look at the end of the rope up there,
growing smaller and smaller
as you descend.

Bye, bye, rope. Bye bye, knot.
Bye bye, God of caprice
and mutable law.

Something’s rising
toward you
from below.

Hello, unknown landing,
soft or hard. Hello, 
place where cliches end.

No rope, no knot.
Solid ground, 
all the solid ground you need.