Daily Archives: November 1, 2019

Waiting For It To Finish

Sitting quietly
in my usual spot
waiting for coffee 
to finish brewing.

This is today,
just like yesterday.

I’m soft, I guess.
Soft and broken 
though broken and soft 
don’t feel compatible.
Torn, then.  Soft and 
shredded, all tore up.

I’m waiting 
for coffee to finish.

It’s just like yesterday
today. Right down 
to darkness, wind, rain,
what you might call 
desperation, what I call

today. Today is
hard and broken.
I’m soft and perforated.
It’s like yesterday,
coffee taking forever
to finish


I’m sitting in the usual spot
longing for it to finish.
Soft and broken in a soft way,
longing for a finish.
I wait for the finish but I’m not going
until I have my coffee. Today
is just like yesterday: broken.
Waiting softly torn for a finish.
It makes itself

known from the next room —

a gurgling. A soft 
sound, a strangulation
in progress, almost ready; I’m

waiting for today
as if it were yesterday.