Daily Archives: November 14, 2019

I Have No Metal

I have no metal.
I have no funk.
Lost my folk, my jazz,
almighty punk.

I sat my guitar back
in its case.
Laid the strap 
over its dimmed face.

Easy now. The down.
The slide. 
Rest the music.
Close the eyes.

I know one song
from start to end
and here it is.
I recommend

you play it slow
and soft to start.
Crescendo till
it breaks a heart.

Need not be yours,
need not be mine.
Just count it off
just one more time.

I have no metal
and crashed my punk.
My funk and jazz
have run to junk.

I have no song
to offer here.
Close the door.

You Done Good

After all
had ended,
the only thing 
he lacked was

“you done good”

from the one person
he’d never heard it from;

when it was clear
that it would remain
forever unvoiced,
the air filled with ash

and ever after
he would choke
on any accolade