Daily Archives: January 29, 2019


In this
fascist daylight
a sensible man 

holds back

Keeps his edge
hidden in the presence
of killers
Waits till dark
to slit them
and carve them down

before slipping back
to his mild life
and family

and the sheep
who love them

call him a coward
to wait for nightfall

and not confront the killers
right out where they
can see him

He will end
more of them his way

and stay alive
longer than he would

if he fought the way the movies
insist he should 

If the fight comes to him
in daylight
that’s one thing but

his way seems more
sensible and the results
speak for themselves

The toxin of dumb bravery
is a long memory
Casts a longer shadow

He who moves past those
while disregarding the jeers
of those enamored
of its cinematic allure

ends up
blood soaked

thinking of it
as a matter of 
in real life and
not fantasy