Daily Archives: January 15, 2019

Tuesday Fragment

if it all fell to earth before you
like first snow or warm rain

was laid out before you
so you could choose
that which would satisfy you most

could you
open your hands enough
to take it
fold your arms enough
to hold it

if there was one song you could hear
without weeping or turning away

one melody subtle harmony
perfect for humming along
or remembering fondly

could you
open your ears
and hear it
could you 
set your face 
to smile past your tears

all we have 
are possibilities
if we shun them
we have nothing

all we are
is what comes to us
if we flee it
we are lost

The National Mood, January 2019

Standing over
a roadkill dog
Poking it
with a stick

it is fine
it is just resting

Clearly still alive
Look at the movement
under the skin
Look at the eyes
still wide open

All it needs is
a little tender loving care

All we need
is to turn it over
and it will
get right back up

run in joy
over the plains
to the sea and back
to us

its tail wagging
no teeth showing