Daily Archives: January 1, 2019

The Long And The Short

the length of time
it takes for me
to explain again
to yet another person
the pain of all the generations
(indigenous and not)
that have preceded me and 
settled in me

shortens my life
by decades

thinking of all
the decades I’ve lost
in which
I could have done
so many trivial things
that would have made me

in truth all I wanted
was an armchair
solid food
a beverage and
a little love
from loved ones

along with a little respect from
those I meet

but here I am
and the long
and the short of it  
is that I’m either
ten feet tall and looming
as a learning experience
for some or
beyond the vision
of others

I’d just like to be
five foot eight
thick and graying
and left alone