Don’t Sing

To sing in the mouth
of that which consumes you
is no strategy.

To sing among the teeth
descending into you
is not acceptable..

I don’t care what the positive thinker says
of the need for love and civility.

I don’t care for the One
who said to turn the other cheek.

To open your mouth
and offer hymns of praise
to compliance and martyrdom
as you are consumed
is no good thing.

To be swallowed
without at least attempting
to strangle them as you descend,

to loose your throat
without sticking in their throat,
is not noble.

Is atonal, is
dissonance, is
anharmonic, anti-

To offer your music 
in the presence of that
which only sings your death – 

how would that song sound?

About Tony Brown

A poet with a history in slam, lots of publications; my personal poetry and a little bit of daily life and opinions. Read the page called "About..." for the details. View all posts by Tony Brown

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