Daily Archives: July 22, 2018

Between Us And Animals

the difference between
humans and other animals
is that we insist
on defining in detail
every difference between ourselves
and other animals.  

the difference between us
and other animals
is that we create charts
that show the differences
among wasps and hornets and bees,
another that does the same
for butterflies and moths.

wasps, hornets, bees,
butterflies, and moths already know
they are different from each other

and do not care.  
serene in their varied ways
of folding their wings, 
secure in their multifarious stings,
aware of what is required of them,
they are certain that they are
what they are, are not

what they are not.

the difference between humans
and other animals
is in how much we put into 
charting difference,
in how much we gain
from parsing it out.

the other animals
don’t need to work so hard at it.
they already know.

they already know us, as well.
they do not see our differences.
they see us as humans regardless of differences.

see how they side-eye us,
every one of us.

see how they sidle away
whenever any one of us
closes in.