Daily Archives: June 15, 2018

Family Can Really Hang You Up The Most

Ever rumble
with your ghosts
by your side against
real live foes? Have you
ever reached into
your pocket for 
something to use as 
a weapon and found
a family history, once sharp
but now dull along the edge?
When you pulled it out
were you surprised by
how light it felt in your
hand and when you looked
at your hand were you shocked
that all you could see was 
your bones clutching
the dear dirty book?  Did you think
you were really going to get away
from all of them? They’re
your family, dead and never
gone, and they stick by you;
you fear them
and sometimes
you hate them
and sometimes 
they are all you have
to wield 
in battle. They can really
hang you up
the most, they can really
piss you off, they can really
look you in the eye.