Daily Archives: June 6, 2018

Colonial Works Of Art

In the first chapter
bad decisions set
all the rest of the disasters
that run from there to the end
into motion.

The characters are born flawed
and devolve from there
into petty monsters who harass 
and slay others both like
and unlike them.

They call it the righteous path
and the great experiment. 

There is no second chapter.

The songbook
is full of theft
and hubris.

Now and then
someone breaks through with
generosity and we notice,

then steal from that and
brag about it.  Authenticity
makes a good mask

if you
are planning
to rob someone.

The painters
and sculptors 
know how to glorify.

The architects
know how to use
paintings and sculptures.

There is a museum
on every bloody corner
full of shell casings

in frames captioned:
this is what we made
along our way to the top.

Did they dance
before they got here?
If they did, they’ve
forgotten how.

Some of them
are quick learners,
more or less. Usually
less. Usually 
they don’t
dance much;

too busy acquiring
dance floors, bandstands;
buying up whole towns
full of us 

In terms of fashion?

We’re left
with no pockets
to pick.