Daily Archives: June 23, 2018

Killing the Hero

If I could somehow split
my head in parts
and allow multitudes inside
to comfort and cleanse 
what they found there, 
I would.

Open my face
like a vault door.
Let in anyone 
who offered to help.
I would.

Asking for help
is not my thing
because in the past when I
was far less what I am now,
too often the helpers
acted more like vandals
or thieves; it is hard
to open my head now
knowing what’s been 
stripped or taken.

If I could open my present
as I have opened my past
I might find a future.

Saying that is so easy
it must be false.

Saying that is so easy
and I am not. 

Saying I will open the vault doors
of my eyes, shut the alarm
of my mouth, and then let anyone in
who offers?

Saying it like that
is like ending a story
too early. Like

killing off the hero
before they even start
the journey.

The band in action…

For those of you unfamiliar with my band, The Duende Project:  we are a quartet (Chris O’Donnell on drums, Chris Lawton on guitar, Steven Lanning-Cafaro on bass, guitar, and keyboards, and yours truly on vocals/poetry and guitar) who play eclectic jazz, funk, rock, blues, and more to back up my poems.  

This is a link to a video of an entire set at AS220 in Providence, RI, USA on May 29th of this year.  

Hope you enjoy it…

The Duende Project in action!