I will not say
they are animals.
Their behaviors are
far too human. 

I will not call them
stupid as what they’re
doing seems to be
focused and working.

I will not say
this is temporary,
that at heart I’m sure
they’re fine people.

I will not say
they have some
good ideas. They do
say what many

are thinking
but until this were
afraid to speak aloud.
They aren’t afraid anymore.

I will not say 
there’s no hidden
agenda. Someone’s
certainly not talking

about something,
because somehow
certain people win
regardless of public

knowledge, regardless
of apparent opposition
by the powerful. Regardless
it always seems to work out

for the same people.
I will not name them.
You know them, I know them,
they don’t care who knows.

All these ideas and words
I’ve left unsaid are things
people know, and they
either detest them

but despair of changing them
or they dismiss them and think
they will be gone soon or
they love them and are

sitting pretty with those ideas and words
in their laps as if they were darling
children with full sets of teeth
from birth to go along with

their deep yellow eyes.
I will not call them by their names
but I will not avoid those eyes,
I will not refrain from cracking their teeth

if I get the chance
before I am devoured.


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