Daily Archives: October 29, 2017

Possessed By Golden Hearts

I have been 
possessed by golden
hearts and owned but

let free to roam and
I have been a mistake and
a good try.  Left alone

I may have been empty
and dirty, a bottle
in the gutter.  But thanks

to those, worthy of
all my praise and thanks,
who lifted me.  Even when

I was of no obvious value
to anyone I was picked up 
and held and now

I am the mistake that worked out
and am not wrong for existing.
Even when I seemed

most evil.  Even when
I stank of wrong, I was 
held as all should be held

as capable of redemption
and golden as any who held me.
Lift me, my saviors.  When I land

I will do you proud.
I will shine, light the dark,
be your hope incarnate.  I will 

offer you a place
to mount your pride
and let it stand.

The City

From ten miles out of town to here
I pass a half-dozen donut shops,
two smoke shops, one
liquor store. You get what
you pay for and clearly
there are those ready to pay for
some form of altered state
just to enter this town,
never mind to stay here,
to live here.  

As for me? My mind is clear.
I do not need a cloud 
of sugar or fat,
of smoke or drink,
to be here. 

I admit to stopping
at one or more of those
stores, but only now and then
is it anything more than
a small enhancement 
that I chase,

for here’s a view from my porch
of nothing but more porches,
a view from my back door
of nothing but more back doors.

There are times when I long to see
tree or stream with no one near them,
or hear surf, the smash of sea
on shore or rock — of course,
I’m human, there are moments
like that when I want to climb
back through the past to 

But the view from here
is people and more people
and all the variety sings to me
and all the street sound is symphony
and I cannot want to blunt that
when so much worth knowing
is there within my reach.

Keep the donuts, the vapes
and pipes, the sips and nips
and bottles in need of draining.
Drunk and stoned
and stuffed on the city,
I am at peace.