Listening To The Proletariat (Events Repeat)

Saw a reunited punk band last night

they did an old song called voodoo economics
a bootstrap trickle down call-out
and it didn’t sound dated

they did a new song called scab 
about a liar snake class traitor
and it didn’t sound new

it was a band called The Proletariat
and I wondered how many in the crowd
knew what that means

before them was another old punk crew
called Neutral Nation
they did a song called apathy

lead singer said
you better not be apathetic
this coming election day

nobody responded

some people say
the greatest thing that ever happened
to American punk
was Ronald Reagan

The Proletariat have a song
called Options

bend my ear
twist my arm

show me the options


still looking for options
but while I’m waiting let me say
I’ve missed this
even though I’m afraid its time
has come to pass again
has slouched around again

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