Daily Archives: November 6, 2016

An Odd Occurrence

If any miracle
happens in this room
I will surely witness it
as I rarely leave
this room.
In fact, if any
odd occurrence 
at all stirs here
I’ll certainly see it.

Now, if I leave this room,
that will be
an odd occurrence.
If I leave this room,
I will myself become
an odd occurrence
in whatever room I enter.
If I become
an odd occurrence
I hope I can see myself
outside of this room.

I think about these things
so you won’t have to.
I stay in this room and think
of odd occurrences
and then write about them
so you can read what I wrote and say

how odd.  
What an odd character he is.
It’s a miracle that anyone
could think that way.  It’s not
as good as walking on water
but it’s a little like
raising life out of death.

I suppose that comes
from how he stays
in that room. I couldn’t do it.
It takes a special sort
of oddity to do that, I think.
I’m glad someone does it
but I couldn’t.

From my room,
so sticky thick
with oddity,
I can hear you out there
discussing me.

I can hear you out there.

It doesn’t make me
eager to leave
this room.

It doesn’t
make me eager for
anything out there.