Daily Archives: November 25, 2016

All We Have

There’s no hope,
you know,

except for the hope we make 
in spite of hopelessness.

It’s an action verb no matter
what grammar claims for it. So:

as much of a cliche
as it is — there’s no depth

to the observation
as it is, we can only

add depth through
pure and bright work —

we are responsible 
for our hope as much as

for breathing clean air
and drinking clean water

and protecting them both
as we can.  The idea of hope

unpolluted by despair
is all we have as we are all we have.

We hope. We must, we have,
we will, we will have hoped

regardless of outcome. And if
and when hope requires us

to act, we will act, we act, we will
be able to say we acted. We hope

to have acted. We hope
it will work. 

If We Cannot Dance

because there is no time
for frivolous things 
in this killing moment
we must dance

for who will dance
if we do not

because there is no time
for our leisure
when all around us is industry
and labor
we must sit our asses down
and refuse to work

for who will recall the joy of rest
if we do not

because there is no time
for art and creation
as repulsion and nausea
dominate our senses
we must take up pen and brush
and fight 

for what will the future think of us
if we let those fall
from our hands

if we let
this grinding moment of horror
take from us
what is most holy and human
if we cannot dance
if we cannot create 
if we cannot rest
satisfied that we have done
the necessary work of our souls

what will be left
for the future
to fight for