Revisionist History

Originally posted 3/20/2012.

In the full history of governments
it has never mattered how they start
as they’ve always ended the same way.

The venal game their way to power
and stay there regardless
of the label they chose to wear.

In the full history of nations 
it has never mattered how you love them;
they’ve only loved you back a little, and only at certain times.

In the full history of history
what happens has never mattered;
all that ever matters is what is said

about what happened
or did not happen, or is said
to have not happened.  

I tell you these things
not to make you despair
or get you angry.  

I tell you this not to make you
away the urge to justice
or fall into dumb acceptance;

nor do I do it 
to allow myself delight
at your earnest helplessness.

I tell you this just to say
that battles are never won; instead
they become games to be replayed.

You will lose some, and win some;
some will die playing,
killed by others who are also playing.

There are no nations but two: the strugglers
and the lords. 
Both are everywhere 
and speak all languages.

In the history of humans
there’s dancing and loving
and making of art and music,

good sweat,
grand tears,
and a lot of laughter.

Don’t confuse those 
with history and nation
and government.

If you want to pursue happiness,
by all means chase it — but always recall
that history and nation and government

pursue happiness too — 
and they do it, always,
by hunting you.

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One response to “Revisionist History

  • Eileen

    Perfect! Onto face book it must go. I know the programmed blind and deaf will miss the meaning, but it will feel so good to put something honest, real, and satisfying as at least some balance to the insanity.

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