Daily Archives: August 2, 2016


When I saw you first
I did not understand 
what to make of you

When I realized
it wasn’t my job
to do any making
I began to love you

When I loved you first
all I could think of
was building us a boat
and sailing away to
somewhere easier 

As if there is anywhere easier
than on the sea itself 
to learn love 

How it tosses you
How it can swallow you
in the moment
of its greatest beauty

How all of us are swallowed
by the same sea

It should not be as hard
to be ourselves in safety
as we make it for each other

It ought to be simple to flow
with what you feel you are
and let others flow

and unafraid

It should not be so hard
to step away from how
we’ve always funneled

each other’s identities
into such narrow
chutes and sluices

Listen to the crash and grind
That current pushing against
the walls we built to create it

We are drowning
trying to navigate the complexity 
we created

when it ought to be as simple
as you flow as you flow
and I will flow as I flow

cutting our natural beds 
into this good earth
Perhaps we’ll meet along the way

or perhaps not
but all flow goes to the sea eventually
All who flow go into the same sea

It’s not my place
to build against your flow

as it is not yours
to build against mine

As it is not our place
to stem any flow

No matter that we
act as if it were our place

As if any flow could be stopped

As if all flow 
doesn’t end up

in the same sea