Old School

old school
talks about all
those things everyone
used to hate and longed to
change or escape from
old school 
old school
muscle memory
of what used to hurt
hurting then is how
it knows what it now
old school
old school
old school doesn’t know
how to teach a lesson
how to school without
hurting a fool or anyone
it thinks a fool
old school
old school a bland ploy 
no change no room to exchange
and play ball with new school
old school
old school told and got told on
old school
tell what you’ll tell then
tell then
tell what you told
new school damn bored enough with
old school yet
new school damned if it doesn’t shout out
old school for being old school
pain and bad marks
disdain and sad barks like
packs of whipped dogs
old school get behind
old school get out of sight and mind
old school
old school just
OLD and that’s
just about all

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2 responses to “Old School

  • sasanka kannegolla

    is it sarcastic here ?
    old school always tells you some good ways which modern era dont understand or dont try to understand!!. That is why there was a saying “Old is Gold”

    • Tony Brown

      More like, “there are two sides to every story.” I was talking with someone about having to do something at work “old school,” and realized that I was being nostalgic about a process we used to hate and complain about…sometimes new school is better. Sometimes, not always.

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