The Kick We Last Used In The Womb

Originally posted 2/10/2012.

A whisky master says,
“I suck the tongue of truth
from the pit of every glass.”
A wine master says,
“This sweetness burning within
pushes my eye toward Heaven.”
A pothead prays
in riddles,
grinning at the answers.

Whatever we do to stone ourselves
revives within us the kick
we last used in the womb.

We fight toward
what’s out there,

though we have never seen it.

We reach for it.  We may not be
steady, we may not be
completely sane.

We may not even be right

when we clamor that it is
all we need — but still 

we go for it, kicking free
of our bindings, punching
toward rebirth.

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8 responses to “The Kick We Last Used In The Womb

  • Eileen

    love it! Some people call it born again…….in my experience it’s been
    “born again, and again, and again,” but more like recurring deaths and resurrections.

    I am definitely hoping for another resurrection after the last two weeks waiting for surgery on a broken humerus, cracked shoulder ball and rotator cuff torn loose.

    Glad I managed to stop by to see this before disappearing back into Dante’s hell.

    Keep on keepin on. i’ll enjoy catching up when I have a right hand and arm again.

    (I did enjoy the expression on the very young nurse’s face when I responded to her asking sort of dismissively if I used recreational drugs?

    “Not yet. But a rocky mountain high is sounding more and more appealing right now.”)

    • Tony Brown

      Oh, wow, Eileen. I hope this is resolved quickly and you are back to normal soon. Have missed you round here — get better!

  • thefeatheredsleep

    This is utterly brilliant! !!

  • petescribes

    Wow, I love this, what a great idea and wonderfully executed.👌

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