Daily Archives: February 22, 2016

Saving Tomorrow

to save tomorrow
we will have to
extend ourselves
beyond our skins

sabotage the tracks
we always ride upon
dance damage
in whirls of foul steam

breathe uncanny fumes 
from the mouth of hell
claim it for our cologne
waft it back at their sentinels

explain and explain
to ourselves
how we are the best church
we can belong to

how much self mastery
we shall need in the face
of the storms of laughter
from the throats of evil

coupled with abandonment
of our trivial principles of form
and substance just long enough
to shut that howling down

if we want to save tomorrow


in me all
either red or green

no yellow 

don’t know why you need colors
inside anyway

no yellow

moving past the speed of 
entrance into the speed of explore

no yellow

dead ahead is all the rage
stopping short is so last year

from now on only green
or red
full on charge or
sudden crash
headlong dash or
unplanned stop

no yellow

if I ever see yellow
I will shoot out its lens
cut short its cable
end myself before I will answer to it