Daily Archives: February 17, 2016

Deluge Song

After a deluge
the ground dries out
but there are differences:
leaves point in odd directions,
branches have come off the oaks,
rivulets have cut thin beds in the yard.
It will revert eventually, mostly,
but aspects will remain altered
and if you have been paying attention,
you will also be changed in small ways
as what is once seen is never unseen; 
even if memory keeps you
from conscious recall
you will shift how you approach
living in a subtle way —

lifting your feet
higher than normal over puddles for fear
of unseen current, for instance, or 
thrilling to a gust of wind pushing
a sheet of rain against your window,
wondering with a mix of concern
and excitement if this will be the one
that breaks open the dull box of your life
and soaks it in needed change
that ruins everything even as it renews all; 

or perhaps from now on
as any storm gathers
you’ll find yourself wishing
for a Flood and not caring
if you make it to the Ark
as long as enough others survive
to start clean.