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Hi readers…

I’ve got three poems up today at the sublime online journal Drunk In A Midnight Choir.  A journal of eclectic writing well worth your time beyond just my stuff, I promise.

In addition, they’ve recently released an anthology of writing from their first year, and it’s got a few more of my pieces in it.  Go get it here if you’re so inclined:


Also: FreezeRay Press, based in Oklahoma City, has just released a stunning anthology of poems about pop music, covering folks as diverse as Taylor Swift, DMX, AC/DC, and Prince.  I’ve got a piece in it about coming to terms with the legacy of English songwriter Nick Drake.  Really excellent work all around from some great poets.  

Go check out Again I Wait For This To Pull Apart.  

Really honored to be among the poets in these journals and anthologies.  I hope you’ll consider a purchase of one or the other or both books and support the independent press.



State Of The Union

If all the fattened cats curled upon
all the worn coverlets
in all the overheated apartments
of all the slight and slighted folks
in this rundown town
were to be asked what they thought
of how bountifully 
they were living,

most would speak of it with approval;

those who did not
would admit only to a mild unease
about it ending suddenly someday
with the passing of 
the old folks who stroke them pensively
while staring out the window
at the cold.

What will happen then,
they would ask,
suspending their purring
for a few seconds of soft blinking
into the questioner’s eyes

before falling back into sleep.