The Pig Tattoo King

Originally posted 9/21/2010.

I’ve met someone who spends his weekends liberally applying bacon grease to his arms and drawing swirls in it.

Wipes them off, draws them again.

He’s a map of bacon labyrinths.  

Calls himself the Pig Tattoo King. Says these are the maps to his domain. 

He leaves stains on everything. He stinks a bit. 

I’ve also met people who swill money like chocolate, coat themselves in dirty metals pulled from the ground, smell like rare flowers crippled with salt, build small honesty into huge lies to keep people guessing and off balance.

They leave stains on everything.

I place my faith in the Pig Tattoo King.  I honor his Kingdom of Making Do.  And I prefer the perfume of that place.


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2 responses to “The Pig Tattoo King

  • Eileen

    Bacon grease? Really? Don’t flies and small dogs follow him? Sort of like Pig Pen in the Peanuts comic strip. Or somebody in Lil Abner that I’ve forgotten. I used to think you live in NYC, but something you wrote disabused me of that idea. I guess NYC in my mind is the only place I’ve been that has the variety of people you describe, at least in large numbers. 🙂

    I grew up having friends I visited whose families were known internationally, lived on a scale beyond my comprehension and as far as I could see, had no morals or ethics whatever.
    In my thirties I moved from a lawyer/doctor/college professor kind of neighborhood in a fair sized Southern city to a backwoods holler in a rural area where the neighbors took whatever wasn’t nailed down from one another and shot over each other’s heads in response. Then they worked side by side to fight brush fires or fill a snow bogged dirt road with rocks and wood or help each other put in a garden. My husband and one other man were the only employed persons among about 8 families.
    The very poor have figured out that law is a rich man’s tool and pretty much ignore it. The filthy rich consider themselves above the law and blatantly ignore it.
    The middle class lawyers and doctors at least gave lip service to the law and a few even followed an inner ethic and morality, once in a while at appreciable cost.

    Jesus, not withstanding, we still seem to have not evolved past survival of the incredibly selfish.

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