Daily Archives: August 15, 2015


all it takes to end hatred is
to see and smile upon and feel
another person fully.

that’s how
it will happen. try it:
smile and see it begin —

no, i swear 
that’s all it will take.
you’ll see.  see me smile

at the gun.  
it won’t smile back but
it’s not a person. guns

don’t hate people,
don’t feel people. they’re
just steel. just a forged

mistake. they can’t smile.
people will melt them down
once they’ve melted themselves.

no, that’s how it will happen.
that’s how.  smile and make
it,  make it, make it — 

i’m smiling,
can’t you see
i’m smiling, gun-man? oh,

it’s not supposed
to be 
such hard work.