Daily Archives: August 3, 2015

Shooting Stars

Rocks and dust, despondent, missing
their star systems of origin,
toss themselves into our air
and burn away.

Blame the skies
for those reminders of loss
known as shooting stars.

Think about how you await them,
what you wish for as they pass;

then think about all on earth
who do the same and are reviled
or forgotten once they’ve passed:

only now and then are they noticed 
by anyone, and few can say
if the only wishes they bear are their own,
or if they ever come true.



Hands Full Of Dust

all about
dust that used to be
under a Roman boot
or on a Union horse’s flank or
in the Triangle Shirtwaist fire
or on a slave’s chain, on
an old Apache’s
dead open eye, maybe from
under the burned beam
in a bombed Japanese house —  
who knows
where all the dust on your hands
is from? Just try to remember
you’re always leaving it
all over everything.
Handfuls of dust smearing
Now.  You are carrier of history
in all you touch and
you honestly can’t ever get clean.