Daily Archives: December 30, 2014

The Imaginary Fable Of The One-Legged Flamingo

New Poem.

Pretend there’s a fable
about a one-legged flamingo
(born with one and only one)
who somehow survives
the vagaries of indifferent
and unrelenting nature
to grow to adulthood.

Pretend there are passages explaining
how a one-legged flamingo
grows easily tired of standing still
and so must fly more often 
than its counterparts.

Pretend it’s not all farfetched and pretend
that such a bird could truly survive. 

Pretend there’s a moral:
to those from whom much is taken
much is also given,
unending fatigue in living may draw out
an urge and capacity to soar,
perspective and vision may come to one
as compensation for grievous wounds;
pretend that it matters 
which words are used. 

Pretend like mad
that the moral
is strong enough to hold the bird back
from drowning
as it is exhausted tonight,
descending though there are no
shallows in which to land.