Daily Archives: December 31, 2014

New Year’s Eve

Originally posted 12/31/2009.

They’re working on race cars in Charlotte, 
baseball bats in Louisville,
beer in breweries coast to coast
and logo T-shirts in Singapore.
It’s the day of New Year’s Eve
and not much is going to change
in the world tonight.
We only think

we write the music
time dances to.

Someday a hibernating creature
is going to wake up from the winter
and we’ll be gone.
It won’t notice anything different except
an increased freedom to be itself.
No engines will roar, no baseballs will soar,
and the only drunkenness will come
when wasps suck the fermented sap
from fallen pears. 

Everything left alive
will be naked, nothing
will happen as a result,
and we’ll be regretted

only as much
as Creation regrets
any other extinction,

which is to say,
not at all.
Something still alive
will begin to dance
on the melody-free earth.

Love Poem For The New Year

Originally posted 12/31/2011.

Any day can start a year.
Any day can end one.
Every day starts a year.
Every day ends one.

Any day can be celebrated,
any day regretted.
Regret one day for one day,
let celebration of the next begin.

All I need for any year or day: 
one with whom to celebrate, one with whom
to commiserate, one with whom to share
the New Year of every single day.

Just one
with whom to straighten up after the labor,
one with whom to soothe
and be soothed;

one to whom the calendar
is merely a suggestion,
one with whom to start anew
each daily New Year’s Day.