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Originally posted 12/19/2010.

are what I crave,
superheroes full of poison,
saving the city while unable
to save themselves;
stinging their supporters,
slaying their sidekicks,
shrugging mayhem off as
all just being their natural selves
as if those abilities are unalloyed miracles
while their tails proclaim otherwise.
The mighty carry their flaws within their strengths — 

which identity is the most secret?

are what I need, demigods
riding cobras, lion-voiced,
their stinking acrid presence in my dark bedroom,
looming at the foot of the bed,
demanding that I seize the baseball bat

before creeping to the living room
to see what that noise is;
arguing, pressing for murder as response to provocation
when there’s a perfectly good backdoor
not ten feet away and I could escape
if I thought before acting: 

which identities are the most secret,
which the strongest?

hold the balance I desire most,
their good as venomous as their evil
is sweet, yellow death on the rooftop
silhouetted against the sick sodium light
of the streets, in service to established
and ironclad rules that say vengeance
is righteous and destruction is excused
by rage against the destroyer, even if
the avenger and the predator
are one and the same — and

which identity do I most eagerly seize
when so many are available to choose from,
and they all look the same?