Daily Archives: March 11, 2014

What Started With Columbus Must End Somewhere

Keep shooting,
they’ll be wiped out

trapping them,
like red fish in a
dry barrel,
sicken and starve them,
watch them sicken
and starve, then
keep shooting.

trimming them
and dressing them
till they disappear
among you, keep their
children till they bleach,
keep putting them in barrels,
you can save some bullets but
it’s ok, when necessary, to keep

fixing their women
so they have fewer kids, or
no kids, nits make lice
is still true if not polite
to say, keep wearing
their fancy stuff so it’s not obvious
who is who is real or what, keep
stuffing the real ones in fishy barrels,
maybe you won’t need to keep shooting
but if necessary, no one will say
a word if you keep

making up
an origin story for them,
make sure
you’re in it, make sure
they stay in their barrels
and keep quiet, keep
shooting for the land bridge
and hoping you’ll hit
a grave to prove you are
keep shooting,

Keep at it
even though nothing
seems to be

Keep smearing, fixing,
breeding out, assimilating,
shooting if necessary.
It’s been a while and
they’re still here, true,
but something’s
bound to work



Each night hours pass
with no reaction
from millions
lying in their beds,
where nothing
outside their heads
exists except as

They refashion
what they know into
nonsense or
perfect sense
without once opening
their eyes to see
how what they’ve made
while asleep
fits into all
they did not make.

When they wake
they may or may not
recall all their hard creation
before falling back
into life as they knew it,

maybe or maybe not
regretting how it dissipates,
but not dwelling long upon it
before rising and moving on.

You see now,
don’t you,
how swiftly
all can vanish?

Go with that.

you’re a figure
in someone’s dream
and it’s not long before
an alarm sounds.  

You have little time left
for outrageous stunts
and passions that barely
make sense as they happen.

Do them anyway,
it will all cohere
when it’s ended,
just before
it falls away forever.