Daily Archives: March 6, 2014

Disorder By Joy Division

pitiful walls,
standing skewed against
erosion and time;
roof caving in,
floors rotted through,
windows broken
so that leftover glass
looks like remainder teeth;
what’s left of curtains
looks like rags stuck
in between.

I pull the earbuds out
so I can stop listening
to “Disorder”
by Joy Division,
which was a new song
when I lived in this house.
I left before
it became an old song,
which it is now.
I left before disorder
set in here
and destroyed my home,
which it still is now,

As for me,
as I am now?
It’s getting out of hand —

Jam the buds
back into my head.
Look for a song
about building
something new.
Something new —

I’m tired
of having
the rags of old songs
in my mouth.


This God 
the atheists
do not believe in
is nothing like
the Ones I know
who have always been
as numerous as leaves,
as free mercury,
devoid of faces,
to interfere
even when implored
as they are yoked
to larger purposes
than we can know —
they serve as surely
as we do.  
they laugh,
is a child’s dream — 
what God
of Sound Mind
would desire it,
considering how much
needs doing in the 
universe? Having said that
they turn
back to their
appointed tasks,
not caring 
if we follow.