Daily Archives: March 10, 2014

Bird, No Word

Dawn bleeds up
across the East.
Birds land outside the window
then disappear.

Gone: no flying away,
no falling from.  It’s a puzzle.
People talk about it at first,
then all at once stop talking altogether.

They’re trying to mourn the birds
but the required words seem to be
gone.  Gone: no corrupted tongues, no
disrupted speech,  just gone words

about birds
falling out of the dictionary.
Maybe ants are picking them up
like birdseed

and taking them
deep into their hills,
and maybe that works for whoever
is taking the birds

because no one can mourn
or protest or even mention it
if they cannot say
what it is that’s missing.


We’re blowing up
a thing we’ve called God

Many will rejoice
at its demise

not the least of whom
will be the god
who has been hiding


behind the mask
on the one
we demolished
for almost
as many years
as we have called 
upon God

The Distance Between Fact And Truth Passes Through Accuracy

A 9mm bullet
travels at roughly
820 mph

A 9mm bullet
travels on average
800-826 mph
depending on
the specific

A 9mm bullet
swiftly but
its exact speed is 
to the body
in which it 

and to those
who loved that
body and its 
who is 
now departing
at the blinding
speed of