Shameless Plug

Some of you are aware that in addition to posting poems on this blog, I also have a career of doing readings and performance of these poems  — many with my long term collaborator Steven Lanning-Cafaro on electric bass and nylon string guitar in a duo called The Duende Project.

Recently, we added a drummer to the group.  Chris O’Donnell has changed the very nature of the Duende Project and made it more visceral, more physical.  We’re thrilled with the change and are looking forward to a long collaboration.  (They even let me play guitar with them now and then, which is humbling indeed…)

Our first CD as a trio was released today!  If you are at all interested in checking it out, it’s available for sale at:

Thanks in advance for any consideration you may give that…onward…

NB:   other albums are available there and on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, etc….plus, we’re available for streaming on Spotify, Pandora, etc.  Just search for “The Duende Project.”

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