I Don’t Read Speculative Fiction

because this planet
requires me daily
to suspend my disbelief

because madagascar exists

because there is
an amazonian waterbug
that can eat a pirhana

because of mitosis

because of the praying mantis
outside my window

those swallows
that miss the ground
every time they swoop

and the cat who returns
after a month
from who knows where

because of the nazca lines
mounds and henges
all built here
by people from here
(with no help from saturn)
because it suited them
to expand
their own notions of how much
the word “human”
could contain

because we haven’t caught back up to them

because of hurricanes
that swat human arrogance
faster than giants ever could

because there is no getting past
the housefly –the eyes compounded,
the lead-glass wings

what is more fantastic than how sleep
deadens nothing inside the body

how we live
in spite of brain death
every time we sneeze

how every step
is a controlled fall

all of it science
none of it fiction

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2 responses to “I Don’t Read Speculative Fiction

  • Tony Brown

    Thanks for this…I’m glad someone found it; it’s a piece I’m fond of, fond enough of to have kept coming back to it although it was originally a throwaway…finally got around to some more editing.

    I never define words in poems, unless for some reason the process of definition becomes part of the poem itself. That’s why we have dictionaries…


  • Rabbit

    Very nice.

    I liked that you worked in such words as mitosis, parthenogenosis, amazonian, and nazca that I rarely find in poetry.

    Also, I appreciated your examples, and that you didn’t explain mitotis, meiosis and parthenogenesis.

    Thanks also for avoiding certain flying bees, although from the first few lines, they were flying through the back of my mind as I read.

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