Daily Archives: November 29, 2011

This Just In

The apostrophe,
growing desperate
at the state of affairs,
has fled.

Welcome to this new world; speak clearly,
be clear on who owns what.
If we get it right, someday
we’ll barely miss the apostrophe.

The Twirling World

More than once I have seen the world
in a face.

More than once I have twirled the world
on the tip of my ring finger.

As it spun the world changed 
from a face to a bonfire.

The eyes in the fire
continued to spin.

Small though it was
it still had the gravity of the world.

I fell into the fire
poised for a kiss.

I am falling still
again and again.

I fall and am burned
then I come back and tell the story.

It seems I can’t say enough
about this.

Not in five minutes.
Not in three hours.

Not in the remaining years I have
will I be able to say enough.


Thomas Behind The Wheel

Eyes burning, perhaps from wind
through open window,
eighty miles an hour
past the power plant. 

Cars peel off behind me,
exiting until the highway’s
empty. No one
is going my way. 

The city,
still forty miles ahead,
painting the sky orange
over deepest black.

We’ve been hearing
rumors of riot and fire all day.  
It’s the end of the world, some say.
But no one wants proof,

it seems, except me.
How foolish, how
odd that is — how can you
just curl into a ball and die

or hide in the boondocks
without seeing for yourself
that it is indeed the world ending?
In fact, how can you even flee

such a thing when you consider
the world we’re in?  Maybe
that’s the best of all possible
pyres up ahead.

I gun it.  I go.
I’ve always been the one
who has to know. Stuck my fingers
into wounds once to prove to myself

that the world wasn’t ending
after all, so why wouldn’t I
do this considering how well
it worked out last time?