Daily Archives: November 16, 2011

Thrashing, Seeking Something

Woke thrashing,
seeking something.
Science, perhaps? It makes
no sense but yes I think
science.  Sleek and solid
object of desire 
that woke me from sleep
so sloshingly full
of the clear sense
that something was missing
that I suddenly felt
an urgent, sleep-depriving
need to seek something.

So — I ended up 
awake with this 
under my fingers, 
rising into the white screen
science offers me —
and now I crave sleep
and the getting lost in it,
as what I’m doing here
begins to fatigue me
away from itself.  

You can’t win.  You can’t
get away from it —
whatever time it is
it’ll always be the time
for the Other Thing.

But I’m thankful for how
poems will come at those times,

when they slip out from in between
the worlds of sleek Science
and rough Unconsciousness,

like buzzsaws opening wood
that was never meant to be opened.