Daily Archives: November 25, 2011


in a brand new episode
of television’s latest show
about picking through visions
abandoned by the newly strapped

a pair of businessmen purchase
a half-restored Harley-Davidson
with a Wild One era frame
and a brand new engine

if you want to talk America
you can’t go wrong
waxing lyrical over an old softail
coupled to something sleek
and easy to tweak
that was left for the vultures to pick

the whole affair’s broadcast
for your amusement
to buffer your worry

onward then
with your own dreams
of a highway
laid out before you
all yours
after your own big score


I am occupying
your empty house
on your city’s south side

I am occupying
the seashell collection
you left behind

Occupying the mold
that’s creeping over
the saturated walls
the photo albums
from the ski trip and
the junior prom

I am occupying
the leftovers
of the feast

Occupying the soggy lawn
that was overgrown
before winter
and is now pressed flat
from the weight of snow

I am occupying
the weight of emptiness
that moved in when you left
and the footsteps you left behind

I am occupied
with the state of mind of those
who moved you out

I am occupied
with their justification
through seven deadly sins
seven cardinal virtues
seven Roman candles
seven seals and seven stars
a percentage of the gross profits
a fraction of fractionalized effort
the portion rendered
unto Caesar
and the remnant offered
unto God
by the purple robed emissaries
of the King
and all of these are empty
as all the ruined houses
that were once homes

I am occupying the Everywhere
of the New Battleground
Staring into the orange eye
of Monolith
as it claims
it is anything but

If I am rejected
forced out or sold out
pushed to the margins
there are always
the foundation cracks
to be occupied
pushed upon
frozen open with water
and blood

made into chasms
wide enough for you
to shelter in
as Monolith

Everybody Wants The Indians To Leave

Everybody wants
the Indians to leave

When you go, the sporting set says,
leave us your names
so we can go back to naming
our teams after you (such an honor)

When you go, the hippies say,
leave us the feathers sweat lodges and symbolism
so we can go back to using them
without your nagging

When you go, the liberals say,
leave us the wisdom of how to clean
a dirty environment — oh,
and thanks for the proper dose of guilt 

When you go, the conservatives say,
just go go on
go on and get gone
Leave the casinos and minerals and go

When you go, says the ghost of John Wayne,
take me with you
Everyone’s forgotten both of us 
I’ll be good this time

When you go, says the ghost of Jim Morrison,
don’t fucking leave me here on the highway
just because I made the story up
Do you know what I did for you people?

When you go, say the ghosts of the Pilgrims,
please take all the cardboard crepe paper turkeys
and cutouts of those ridiculous hats and feathers
I think now that we understand mythmaking

that you should have let us starve 

Everybody wants 
the Indians to leave

but not before they learn 
to call themselves “Native-Americans”
so everybody can believe again
in the healing dismissive power
of the hyphen