Scrolling Down

Bird with three wings
found in Suffolk.  Infants
born singing
in Sao Paulo.   A ghost,
seen by thousands and identified
as a long dead rock star,
hovering just above the rush hour traffic
on the ring road around Atlanta —
in broad daylight, laughing
and strumming a lute.

In Tehran,
green turns overnight
to red.

The severed arm of a Jamaican wrestler
miraculously regenerates right on the floor
of the ring.  A Swiss man five days underwater
is found alive and breathing through a straw.
Slingshots have replaced cell phones
as the new status symbol for Japanese youth.

A Karachi flower market
reopens for business with a new look
after a car
previously pollinated with C-4
bears fruit.

A new puzzle craze
sweeps the Internet:
people competing
to connect dots
and create pictures
on a screen filled with nothing
but dots.  Winners
will be chosen
at a date to be announced.

In Kentucky, authorities report
a young boy has killed his entire family
because they were demons.  The death
of a middle aged shepherd in Andorra is linked to
a traditional curse of the Roma.  Paris
is now the world capital of sleeping sickness.

The news takes the world by surprise.

Investigations continue,
with results expected.

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