Daily Archives: June 20, 2009

P. C.

It’s absurd,

how proud I am
of having no friends
who use “gay”
as a perjorative,

as if
such careful speech
among careful friends
is truly evidence
of care, when
I consider

how quick I am
to provide a disclaimer
regarding my own
during my own passionate defenses
of equality.

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Outside in the street
the dense chunk
of a slammed door.

A hard, confident summons:

“Hey pendejo –”

followed by
two men speaking
I can’t really hear.  Then,
the first voice again —

“you never know.
When it comes,
it comes.”

I turn off the light.

When it comes,
it comes.  I live that way too,
waiting for it.

But outside —
nothing more.  Whenever it comes,
it seems,
won’t be

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